Einstein’s Great Mistake

This author has mentioned the science of God in some of his books.  So, this author feels compelled to offer proof:  to those who can do the math.  You will find, below, God’s proof of His own science:  a proof which has existed since “our” beginning of time.  It is only mankind (and science) who has refused to seek this ancient proof.  (The basics for all of this are explained in this author’s second book of Wisdom.)

Here is a hint – Mankind is a victim of time . . . or more correctly . . . mankind is merely a participant in God’s Appointed Time!  Time was not created by mankind; so mankind must learn the Principle of Time.  (A Principle that has been greatly “un-studied” by science.  Oops, change that word to “ignored.”  This being explained, also, in this author’s second book of Wisdom.)  God says, through all Scriptures upon this earth that, one day, all time upon this earth shall cease, according to God’s appointment; and this is where String Theorists shall find their wisdom, here upon this earth and in this particular universe.

Here is a mystery – Why would God (personally) spend an extraordinary amount of His time detailing all of the data (below) to Moses, in the Torah?  And then carefully verify ALL of this data throughout the Gospel and the Qur’an?  What is mankind expected to determine from this?  Could it be?  Could it possibly be that God has made it “possible” for scientific and religious truths to actually unite, and then agree, on ALL of God’s Truths which have been placed upon this earth?

Here is help – In this author’s second book of Wisdom, you will find the “mathematical proof” for the creation of time.  (Oh, some short-sighted scientists will cry foul, but not all will.)  In this author’s final three books, you will find Scriptural evidence regarding God’s end of time.

Here is a tragedy – Einstein spent his waning years searching for the function/timeline illustrated below (because of a minor, yet perplexing, flaw which he recognized throughout all of his Relativity formulas).  Sadly, it had been in front of him since his “childhood.”  (A great truth which he privately recognized, yet publicly and professionally ignored.)

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