Truth – As placed in the Qur’an

(Muslims, you already know the words below:  now, it is time for the entire world to learn them!)


People, hear the LORD:
All that My prophets have taught
(since the beginning of time!)
is that this, your religion, is but
one religion and I AM the author of it;
so serve Me.
Mankind has divided this one religion
into different pieces; then declared unto all,
“A piece for every people!”
It is truly wondrous; how they have cut Me asunder.  Oh, My beloved prophets!
Do your work well; and teach My children
that all will return to Me . . .
in the end.



The Qur’an 46:10:  Muhammad, speak to the people:
“Think for yourself, if the Qur’an truly is from Allah,
and you reject it, then one of the Children of Israel
testifies as to its similarity (to their own earlier Scripture)
and believes in the Qur’an,
and yet you yourselves are too proud to do the same,
how severely will Allah condemn you?”


To all Muslims . . . today, has this prophecy been fulfilled in your sight; through the book presented below!

The Qur’an truly is the FINAL Scripture from God, to this world.  This author intends to prove this fact by way of comparing this Scripture to all preceding Scripture:  showing all identical truths!

To all Christians today . . . the Qur’an truly is from God!

And you are one click away from having this proved to you . . . by way of your own Bible!  Is your faith strong enough to give God His chance?  (Never mind what Hollywood, or the Western Press, says about the Qur’an:  they do not understand anything about God.)  In a way, the Qur’an is a better book than the Bible:  in a way!  For which is better?  The book which carries our greatest promise from God?  Or the book which describes, in detail, why a great many Christians, Jews, and Muslims (today) will never receive that promise?  Think about that!  Maybe, just maybe, these two books are a “match made in Heaven.”  A Christian is telling you this!

But Christians . . . it gets worse!

Not only is the Qur’an from God, it is from Christ!  Yes, that very Christ who created this entire world.  This is true and we shall prove this here.  Do you remember John 10:16, when Christ explained how He was going to next create the Muslim faith?  No?  You don’t remember that verse?

John 10:16  And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold:  them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

Did you miss this verse, in your Bible, Christians?  It is right there in red letters!  The Muslims were just one more fold:  the fold named by God, before he was born.  That fold was Ishmael, the son of Abraham.  Actually, Ishmael was the eldest son of Abraham!  And he was named by God before being conceived, just as Isaac was.

And Christians . . . there are more folds.  We shall reveal them all here on this website, later.

And Muslims . . . it gets worse for you too!

Did you notice John 10:16 from the Bible, above?  Yes, this is the LORD/ALLAH who sent the angel Gabriel to speak to Muhammad.  In John 10:16 above, He was just using the name of Jesus, for a little while.  If you had ever read the Bible, you would have realized this!  You have never been taught this, but the name of this God is Christ!  Yes, He is also called Allah:  He, indeed, goes by many names in this world.  Allah is only His Muslim name.  Given this Truth of God:  you might do well by learning the Bible.

No, let us say that another way.

You might do well by learning the Bible . . . as Muhammad so instructed you to do!



You will not find THE Qur’an in the download offered below.  But you will find what one Christian author found to be “amazing” Truths which God/Christ has clearly placed in His Qur’an.  Truths which match the Bible, exactly.  (With numerous comparisons detailed.)


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