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My friend, a great many truths have been published on this website:  some are very old truths as have never been understood by mankind; such truths as have never been needed by mankind so badly.  While you may, at first, believe this website is about religion, nothing could be further from the truth.  This website is only about “mankind and God.”  With some patience on your part, you will learn quite a bit about both, but mostly, you will learn that it is only “our life” that will ever CONNECT us with God:  not our faith, nor our religion, but “our life.”

This is all God has ever asked from mankind, regardless of mankind’s religious beliefs.  Remember always, that religion was created by mankind:  so as to “bridge” this connection between God and mankind.  Proof of this ancient truth?  Mankind always has, and always will, control every aspect of religion:  these aspects continually changing so as to accommodate the whims of mankind.  Well, mankind does not decide who goes to Heaven:  only God decides this!  The real truth?  Only YOU control THE LIFE you choose to live here on this earth:  no person, no government, nor any other force of mankind can make you change the course you choose through this life.

Know, that on Judgment Day, God shall only judge you by the life you lived; you will never be judged according to any religion, or “any whims of mankind.”  You shall be judged by that which LIFE threw at you and the decisions you made during your short time here.  What is the most ancient Truth of God?  We shall all be judged.

Life has been this simple since the day God created this earth.  It truly has!

Regardless of your faith and regardless of any vanities, this author can assure you (according to Scripture and/or common sense:  your choice!) that only one sort of person shall ever see Heaven.  That person finding their name written in God’s Book of Life; no matter what it took, no matter how many mistakes they made in life, and no matter how many times they failed:  they finally decided to live a life which respected all others!  God’s Book is not called the Book of faith, nor is it called the Book of treasures-gathered; it is called the Book of Life!  And it is kept by God!  Christian and Hebrew Scriptures teach of this Book and Muslim Scripture teaches of this Book.  The Hindu faith teaches this also and the Buddhist faith “strongly indicates” the same.  Believe it, or not, God’s Scripture, sent down to the Muslims, teaches more details regarding the Book of Life than any other Scripture.  All of these Scriptures have been “available” to mankind for a very, very long time.  (Longer than you can possibly know, as a matter-of-fact:  this shall proved, here on this website.)  EVERYTHING stated above shall be proved here, on this website by a very Christian author.  And it shall be proved according to any (and every) Scripture you claim to be yours.

Please ask yourself now . . . why your religion never teaches the importance of “living that life” which is required so as to find one’s name written in the Book of Life, which God keeps in Heaven.  Could it be?  Could it be that long ago, certain religious leaders decided to support their own vanities by teaching that “their” religion was not subject to this Truth of God?  (Could this be the reason they teach that their religion, and only their religion, has a preeminence, with God, over all other religions?)

Your first piece of wisdom:  and it came only from God’s Truth.  (God’s Truth that we shall ALL be judged out of the SAME BOOK!)  Truly, this is all you shall find regarding God’s Truths found on this earth:  and this is all you shall find on this website.  Yes, you will find this to be a bold website; but you shall also find everything here to be proved by God’s Scriptures.

You will find here (and in all of God’s Truths) that any person, anywhere in this world, can do just fine in God’s Eyes:  regardless of their faith, creed, personal beliefs, or even the complete lack of the aforementioned!  All of this shall be proved by your own Scripture (whoever you are)!  Remember this and be patient with God:  His Truths shall find a home in your heart (because they shall come from your own Scripture).  Please bear with these seven books, for just a bit, and you will discover this great Truth of God, quickly.  Do not judge this author by the various web pages that you might casually browse here:  most are merely excerpts from the seven books “freely offered” here (which teach a great deal about all faiths, all religions, and none-of-the-above, upon this earth).

These seven books may prove to be some very difficult reading (at first, and for a reason).  But know that God’s Wisdom and Truth (wherever you find it) promises a great conclusion to LIFE.  Every book you find on this website will have God’s magnificent conclusion:  but only for those who have the patience to endure His Truth.  Be brave (and patient) with these books:  for they have been written with a purpose.  Every Scripture sent down to this world, through any/every faith, teaches that God has no tolerance for the impatience of mankind.  God has never followed the whims of mankind:  indeed, God expects mankind to learn that we are to only follow His teachings (meaning Scriptures!) in this world.  And what do His Scriptures teach (all over this world)?  Mostly, they teach all of mankind to love one another:  love one another as God has loved us.  Any person who can struggle through this simple Truth of God (no matter where it leads) shall indeed find God’s Wisdom in their life:  it does not matter if that person believes in God, or not.

Know now, that God did not give His Scriptures only to the Jews; God did not give His Scriptures only to the Christians; God did not give his Scriptures only to the Muslims; and God did not give His Scriptures only to the Buddhists, Hindus, Confucionists, Aborigines, and other native tribes of this world!  God has sent His Word down to this entire world:  and this entire world has, indeed, received God’s Word!  Any person who believes (and especially, lives) otherwise, is a fool, and shall find their self, someday, standing before God:  with nothing in their hands.  When you do, someday, find yourself standing before God, what do you expect to be holding in your hands?  (Please do answer this question right now, at this moment.)

This . . . is all this author seeks for this world.

This . . . is all you shall find on any of this author’s websites.

God Bless every person (of any, or no faith!) that can find His Truth, or His Wisdom, in the pages of these seven books.  This author would never, but ever, push any person toward any religion!  Oh, you will discover much about every religion, in these seven books, but you will quickly learn that it is only the Truth of our ONE GOD that is important in this world.


In the seven books you find here, much evidence shall be given regarding the existence of God:  biological evidence, chemical evidence, physical evidence, mathematical evidence, and religious evidence.  What religion?  What science?  Every religion and every science!  The science is easy, but religions are difficult.  On this note, this author will prove nearly all truths presented by all religions:  meaning every major religion that has EVER existed!  And believe it or not, this includes NO RELIGION!  (You will learn this Great Truth of God, if you are truly patient:  and it is the Buddha who will teach this to you . . . BY WAY OF CHRISTIAN, JEWISH, AND MUSLIM SCRIPTURES!)  Never mind the various web pages you find on this website:  most are merely “excerpts” from the seven books offered here, which prove everything that God has ever sent down to this world.  (Every square inch of this world!)  These various web pages are only presented so as to encourage you to read these seven books, and more importantly, to find EVERY SCRIPTURE placed in this world:  by the ONE GOD WHO EXISTS IN HEAVEN; and then to somehow find a tiny belief that God “just might exist.”  Truly, this is all that God asks in this world of ours; and this author intends to prove this fact, by way of these seven books presented upon this website.

My dearest friend . . . if you have made it this far, then please, please, do use your common sense (which will never lie to you).  Think about this website for a moment.

When all of God’s various Scriptures were first sent down to this world, this world was a very big place!  Bigger than any person could imagine, at that time.  You will learn, on this website, that God’s messages to other parts of this world have always been identical:  but know that Satan (the prince of this world) then had 6,000 years to somehow convince mankind that God’s “messages to others” were somehow “different” (and possibly/probably flawed).  God has always known that this world would eventually become a very small place.  Satan has always known this Truth also.  Satan has always been prepared for this Truth.  Mankind has not prepared itself for this Truth of today.  These simple Truths of God have been available to any person who “truly desired” to find them.  The truth of today’s world (which mankind is not Scripturally prepared for); is that this world now faces a NEW WORLD ORDER such as this world has never before seen.

A new world order?  Is this of Satan or is it of God?  You decide!  You can see it happening yourself!  Examine this world as it currently exists and decide for yourself.  Is our emerging “world order” of God?  Or is it from another source?  Consider this and then decide for yourself.

Know now, that God HAS NOT delivered a separate Truth to Jews, Christians, Muslims, and many others.  God has sent identical messages to all of mankind!  But it is mankind who has chosen to ignore the various messages that God has sent down to other parts of this world!  This is mankind’s shortcoming.  It is not God’s shortcoming!  All of God’s Scriptures (upon this earth) only support one another.  All of God’s Truths (upon this earth) support one another.  It is we, MANKIND, who have decided to IGNORE God’s Truths as found elsewhere upon this earth!  And Satan knows this!  But we, mankind, according to our free-will, choose to ignore all of this.

The Greatest Truth of God?  There is only one mankind and there is only one God!  Given this . . . GIVEN THIS!  Whatever you believe, to the contrary, is your problem.  Whatever your religion teaches, to the contrary, is your problem.  God has no problems!  Oddly enough, it is the Qur’an that teaches this great Truth.  And oddly enough, even the Muslims deny this very Truth of God, these days!

This website is not about your religion:  this website is about you . . . and this website is about God.  This website is about you finding yourself on God’s side of Life (and in God’s Book of Life) regardless of mankind’s vanities (meaning beliefs) to the contrary!  We will talk a lot about vanities and beliefs here on this website.  Please, please, prove everything you learn here:  by way of your own Scripture (which will be presented here).  And please, please do, at least, “appreciate” God’s Word as found elsewhere in this world.  Once you do this, please forget everything this author has taught you:  and stick with the Word of God.  This is important.

Also notice, here on this website, that you will never find a pop-up, you will never be asked for money, you will never find anything “for sale,” and we will never ask who you are.  We do not use Internet “cookies,” so we will never know you were even here.  Everything here is free and anonymous.




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