Wisdom – Concerning the Kingdom of Heaven

Listen, my friend, and you shall hear the greatest story never told.  From the foundation of this world, mankind has wondered as to its future, and its place, in what we call “life.”

This is the story of you:  and if you pay attention, you will learn what you will be doing for the next billion, or so, years.  This pitifully short existence we have here is but a prelude to the remainder of life as God has so designed.  The hundred, or so, years that we live on this planet are but a stepping stone to what lies before us.


You will learn new things here, but more importantly, you will learn the real truth of some very old things upon this earth.  Wisdom comes with age; and any old person can tell you that there is much to be learned from the past.  Indeed, the past has always been an indicator of our future.  Look to our past and you will certainly find your future.  This is the wisdom of wisdom and you should find it as early as possible in this life, for wisdom is wasted if you do nothing with what you learn.  Accept what you learn here only after you prove it to yourself, but more importantly, do something about it after you learn.

Every child learns as they grow and they make changes according to that which they learn.  No matter your age, you are still a child upon this earth.  So remember to make changes regarding that which you learn here.

Above all, remember always . . . that this is the story of you . . .

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