The purpose of these six books is to teach folks

just a few simple details about life . . .


First, about life in this world; and second, about some basic truths of God.  Not the Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, or otherwise Protestant God.  Not the Jewish, Muslim God, native tribe, or any other sort of God.  Rather these books will teach you about the one God who created this one world.  It is we, mankind, who set about dividing this one God into many pieces.  And regarding this one God, it is we, mankind, who then declared “a piece for every people!”  Each and every people, nation, and religion is guilty of this!

Each and every people, nation, and religion is guilty of the following beliefs:

My life is better than your life.

My nation is better than your nation.

My ways are better than your ways.

My faith is better than your faith.  Then finally (and most sadly):

My God is better than your God!

Well, these books (starting with this first book of Wisdom) are going to prove a few things to you.  They shall prove that some things you have come to believe in your life are wrong . . . just wrong.  This will be difficult.  These books are going to prove that any person TODAY shall face the same Judgment as any person living 5,000 years ago.  This will be easy.

But remember this . . . everything taught here shall be very simple.  Even a child will be able to understand the simple “truths and wisdom” of what you find in these books.

This first book of Wisdom is a book of proverbs (for today) and also contains many parables (meaning puzzles only solved by way of comparisons).  Some of them will be very easy and some of them will be difficult.  All of them are absolutely truthful.  What?  Truthful?

Well, the easy proverbs are the ones you will agree with.  The difficult proverbs (and parables) will be the ones you disagree with.

But . . . know now, that everything you are about to read in the download (freely offered below) comes directly from God’s Scriptures.  You might, very well, find yourself disagreeing with God’s Scriptures here and there.

Ah, but it is the “here and there” that will teach you more than you have ever learned before!  Whenever you find yourself disagreeing with God, then do ask yourself why you disagree.  Here is where you will learn much about yourself (and your desires and your vanities); and here is where you will learn much about what God truly expects from you.  Always question yourselfAlways test yourself!  When Jesus was tested by Satan, in the desert, Jesus did not reject the test.  (Oh, but He could have:  Jesus was never forced to go into the desert.)  Jesus accepted the test and was strong enough, in Scripture, to be able to reject Satan.

Please do remember that everything you read here in the first volume of Wisdom comes directly from God’s Scripture found in the Bible.  Some of what you read will be statements, some of what you read will be questions, and some of what you read will be parables that require an answer.

Remember this!

Religion builds walls.  Religion separates.  Religion is only about “people.”  All of these words involve mankind’s “vanities and lies.”

Faith unites!  Faith unites all peoples and causes.  Faith unites people with life; and faith unites life with God.

All this . . . because faith is only about God.  (And religion is only about “man.”)  Think about that.

The purpose of this first book of Wisdom is two-fold.  First, to teach every person of certain Truths known to this world (but possibly forgotten by this world).  And then to “tear-down” certain religious beliefs.  This tearing-down shall prove to be the more difficult of the two.

For any person who can get past these “proverbs and parables,” with little difficulty, the second book of Wisdom will show you what you shall be doing (on a daily basis) once you find yourself in heaven.  What?  Every day?

Yes, the Bible truly teaches what each person will be doing “daily” while they are in heaven!  Our second book of Wisdom is called “The greatest story never told.”  It is aptly named.

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