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There exists a Scripture of God, different from all others, upon this earth . . .

and this Scripture is not claimed (or even acknowledged!) by a single faith upon this world:  possibly because it is so old that it predates all faiths.  This Scripture, believe it or not, is addressed “to those people” who will be living on this earth during mankind’s final days.  All faiths know well of this Scripture and they each have their various reasons for rejecting this Scripture (as Scripture); but their reasons always amount to religious vanities.  As proof of this truth, the main concern of most faiths, historically, was that this Scripture was just not “old enough” for it to be real.  But when a perfect copy was miraculously found, about sixty-years ago, amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls, other reasons suddenly became more important.  Prior to this discovery, the world only had transcripts from Ethiopia (which the Ethiopian scribes “swore” were meticulously maintained since well before Jesus’ day).  But the world chose not to believe these scribes.  Again, the Dead Sea Scrolls proved that the Ethiopian scribes had not failed regarding a single word . . . throughout thousands of years!

This is the Scripture that will prove, to many Jews, that Christ was God and we, mankind, killed God.

This is the Scripture that will prove, to many Christians, that mere faith is “not enough” for Christ (God).

This is the Scripture that will prove, to many Muslims, that you are “not living” according to your Scripture.

This is the Scripture that will prove, to every person choosing to seek God, that there is only one God; who created only one mankind; and this God has truly placed only one Truth upon HIS earth.  This Book of Enoch, written shortly after Adam and Eve died, teaches a great deal about the Son of man (God’s Elect One):  meaning Christ!  It said this 3,000 years before Jesus was even born!  Think about that!  Whoever you are, no matter what faith you call your own, this is the Scripture which proves that God (and Christ) belongs to no “one” people, no “one” belief, nor any “one” church.  It is we (mankind) who, long ago, set about on our own separate paths of living; leaving this one Truth of God behind:  thereby cutting God asunder.  More importantly, it is we (mankind) who, long ago, divided this one God into pieces; and declared to ourselves, “A piece for every people!”  And in this, mankind truly cut God asunder.  Well, the Book of Enoch fixes all of this!

(Atheists and agnostics, you shall be addressed, shortly, because more than any other person listed above, this is YOUR book!  And this shall be proved in the comments and downloads below.  Please read on . . .)

This Scripture is very much a Christian and Muslim Scripture, but oddly enough, it is the Hebrews (this time meaning the Jews) who have maintained it since the days of Jacob.  Every Jew, in Christ’s day, knew this Scripture well.  This Scripture is quoted in the New Testament.

In the Bible, there are only three people who never died:  Enoch, Melchizedek, and Elijah.  Melchizedek was Christ Himself (not Jesus – there is a difference!) performing a Heavenly function here on earth and Elijah did finally die, using the body of John the Baptist.  This leaves Enoch all alone regarding “those” who never died.  Well, Enoch wrote a book!  This book is one of the most incredible (and revealing) Scriptures ever written; yet all faiths refuse to claim it as God’s Truth.  Perhaps, just perhaps, it is because the Book of Enoch gives no current religion a preeminence over the others?

Enoch was the great-grandfather of Noah.  He was born about 5,500 years ago!  Just six generations after Adam and Eve; indeed, he lived with Adam for over 300 years.  God so loved Enoch that He brought Enoch to heaven:

Genesis 5:23  And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:

Genesis 5:24  and Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

In his book, Enoch explains his next several hundred years in Heaven.  He later delivered his book to Noah, to be carried on the Ark.  In his book, he reveals (or confirms) the details of many wondrous things:  things not even understood today.  Such as:

⦁ The exact relationship between God the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirits.

⦁ The names, and duties, of the seven Archangels.

⦁ The duties of God’s Elect, after Christ returns.

⦁ A full description of Hell, which is at the edge of Heaven.

⦁ A full description of the four hollow places in Heaven; where the souls of the dead remain until the great Resurrection.

⦁ One special place reserved only for the souls of those who were not able to complete their lives:  such as murdered children, genocide victims, aborted babies, and anyone else wrongfully slain by evil people.  The archangel tells Enoch that these spirits are gathered to the place reserved for the “spirits of those who make their suits.”  And God shall one day hear their suit.  And yes, the Book of Enoch clearly mentions abortion; and teaches how it came into existence.

⦁ One special place reserved for those who pursued evil lives upon this earth.

⦁ Descriptions of the many mansions in Heaven (which Christ spoke of).

⦁ The many Satans in heaven (yes, there is more than one).  Many people forget that the word “God” (or Elohim) is, and has always been, a plural word!  (Genesis 1:26).  Remember, always, this important lesson and do not be surprised that the word “Satan” is a plural word also.

⦁ Confirmation of what the mark of the beast is.  And how this mark has existed upon this earth since its foundation.

⦁ The twelve wind-blowing devices (in heaven) that God uses to control the earth’s climate!  And how, when, where, and why these devices are used.  Read this mysterious 76th chapter and you will see how foolish it is for mankind to EVER consider attempting to control our climate.  Ask any weather expert, today, how El Nino’s and La Nina’s occur:  every one of them will tell you that El Nino’s (and La Nina’s) are caused by the winds.  In addition to this, understand how God’s various blowing devices only blow on particular (and unchanging!) positions of His earth:  exactly as Enoch describes!  Oh, their direction might change, but their origins never change!  Remember these details as you read this mysterious chapter, and you will understand everything!  As a side note:  understand also, how the root word “El Nino” is traced back to “the Christ child,” Always!  (For reference, click here, here, or here.)  Or in Enoch’s words: “the Elect One!”  (More on “the Elect One,” below.) — My friend, this chapter of Enoch only “seems” mysterious.  But after reading the entire Book of Enoch, you will come to understand that God’s uses of His devices in Heaven are not mysterious at all.  If any God-believing weather expert were to study (and finally understand) the twelve portals (meaning wind-driven portals) of God, upon this earth, mankind might finally be able to understand this earth’s climate.  Two of these twelve portals have already been identified, and nearly located, by mankind:  El Nino and La Nina (also known as the anti-El Nino).  Two more of these portals can be easily identified by mankind if they only follow the origins of most Typhoons from the NW Pacific Ocean region and the origins of most Hurricanes from Western Africa.  Six more of these portals can easily be identified by mankind if they follow the three stationary wind portals (but with varying directions!) located at the North Pole and (matching portals) at the South Pole.  The North Pole winds (meaning mostly, but not necessarily, “cold” winter winds!) typically dictate, for the entire winter season, where the hardest winters will be for that season.  These break-down into one of three major directions every year:  Europe, North America, or the Eastern Asia “direction” which includes China, Mongolia, Siberia, and Alaska.  (The same goes for the three major directions of the South Pole winds which affect the winter times of the Southern Hemisphere, but during “their” summer times, can also continue up through Mexico, Texas, and turn into the “famed” winter time Nor’easters of the North American Continent.)  But critical here (and more confusing), is that these same winds bring other blessings and/or curses during the three other seasons!  Nobody said this would be easy for mankind to learn.  My friend, we have just identified (but not located!) ten of God’s Twelve Wind Portals upon this earth:  whether science understands them, or not!  Indeed scientists have recently discovered, and have begun to study, atmospheric rivers which carry weather-changing properties across this earth:  but these are only “moisture containing” rivers; the “dry” rivers should prove to be more difficult.  But science IS progressing:  even if they are only studying West to East winds!  All of this is found in the 76th Chapter of the Book of Enoch, available below:  free for download.  In his 77th Chapter, Enoch attempts to give the location of all twelve portals:  here on this earth.

My friend, this was just a sampling of the details revealed to Enoch, in heaven.  Of course, this author can never convince you that you should take this book to be Scripture.  You will have to decide this for yourself.  This is how God works:  He leaves every decision up to the individual.  It is well that our world works this way.

Search Google for Book of Enoch and also why is the Book of Enoch not in the Bible.  Study this yourself:  you will find some fascinating information in both searches.

Feel free to download the Book of Enoch below.  Do give it consideration.  When it confirms whatever Scripture you call your own, let this be a testimony from God to anything else you discover in the Book of Enoch.  (Not just your beliefs!  Always bring any Truth back to what your Scripture says!)  When Enoch disagrees with what you believe your Scriptures teach, consult your Scriptures, once again, and study them very closely.  You might just find that they do not disagree at all.  Never mind what you have been taught in your youth:  all of God’s Truth begins and ends with His Scripture.

As you read the Book of Enoch, realize one thing:  there are only a handful of mistakes in the King James version of the Bible.  One of them is found in Luke 9:35, translated as:

Luke 9:35  And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son:  hear him.

The original Greek text contained the phrase “ho eklelegmenos” after “huios mou” (or, my Son).  The original text was “huios mou ho eklelegmenos” (or:  my Son, the Elect One).  The correct translation of Luke 9:35 is:

Luke 9:35  And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my Son, the Elect One:  hear him.

The original translator took “the Elect One” and treated it as an adjective, “beloved.”  This was wrong, but the Book of Enoch had long since been destroyed (and forgotten) by King James’ day.  The translators just did not know; they did their best with what they “knew.”

Remember this verse in Luke as you read the Book of Enoch.  Search Google for Luke ho eklelegmenos and see what you find.  The phrase “Elect One” appears seventeen times in the Book of Enoch and whoever this “Heavenly Being” is:  shall dwell among mankind, shall be placed upon the Throne by God, shall return to earth in the end days, and shall judge mankind.

Now, who could this Elect One be?  Remember, we are talking about a book written about 100 years after Adam and Eve died!  Remember that Christ, Himself, stated (in John 8:56):  “your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day:  and he saw it, and was glad.”  Finally, know that we are talking about, what many scholars believe to be, the first book ever written by mankind.  It is that old!  This book is so old that many Muslims believe it was God who taught Enoch to read and write; and Enoch who came back and taught mankind to read and write.  This all took place before the tower of Babel, when the entire earth was of one language.

To those just learning about the Book of Enoch, you will often hear about the “five books of Enoch.”  All five of these books are included in the downloads available below.  These five books of Enoch are typically called “1 Enoch.”  There are two primary translations of Enoch available today.  The first was by Richard Laurence in 1821.  The second was by R. H. Charles in 1906 (his final work) and was considered to be the best of that time.  The translations by Richard Laurence and R. H. Charles, both, include what are commonly called the five books of Enoch.  Again, these works (by both writers) are typically called “1 Enoch.”  Any download you find on the Internet (by either of these two authors) will always include the “five books of Enoch.”

To those previously “schooled” regarding Enoch, you will find (in our best download below), an explanation of Enoch such as this world has never seen.  You will find Scriptural references (from across this world!) detailed, verse-by-verse, and you will also find detailed explanations of Enoch’s visions in Heaven.  Give Enoch just one true chance.  No, give your LORD just one more chance(!) regarding His ancient promise to all of mankind of His Great Truths being finally revealed during these end-time days of mankind.

How ironic it is . . . that this final Truth of God comes from our most ancient-of-days.  Ironic?  Well, not really!  For any person who can correlate the verses of Enoch back to their own “beloved” Scriptures (and not just their “religious beliefs”), these words of Enoch are absolute PERFECTION regarding all Truths of God, found everywhere in this world!  This absolute perfection being “regardless of any person’s faith, or lack of faith.”  And, quite honestly, this is the only reason why every religion today refuses to claim the Book of Enoch as a Scripture of God.

My dearest friend, decide for yourself! . . . if you shall allow God just one more chance to explain LIFE in His own way:  knowing that He has not changed since the days when Adam and Eve walked this earth!  (Because every Scripture, all over this world, teaches that Enoch lived while Adam and Eve were still alive!)  This Book of Enoch is “that old!”  It is well that God has designed our world this way.  This is all this author (jpw) asks of you:  that you make your own decision.


There are three choices offered below.  All are free downloads.  Feel free to take them all.

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Below, download the original (and unaltered) 1906 Translation by R. H. Charles.  (No references or comments added.)

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Below, download the original 1906 Translation – with over 200 Biblical references noted and highlighted within the text.

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OUR BEST DOWNLOAD . . . is freely offered BELOW.  This is a detailed explanation of Enoch (and God)!

Below, download the original 1906 Translation – with nearly 500 Biblical and Qur’an references noted and highlighted within the text.  Also, many secrets of Heaven shall be explained, in this edition, for those who CAN STILL believe in the God of Abraham.  That “God of Abraham” being identified in John 8:56.

This edition will prove, beyond any religious beliefs (or no religious beliefs), that this “most ancient of Scriptures” did indeed come from God; and that it came from our “most ancient of days:”  meaning just after the days of Adam and Eve, while all of mankind was of one-speech.  It shall also prove that God has sent down (to this world) His Proof (meaning Christ:  not just Jesus) which transcends anything that mankind, and our religions, design to the contrary.

This is the most important part of this edition!  Christ was never the Son of God:  He is much more than this:  and Enoch proves this.  Indeed, John proves this in just the first 15 verses of his Gospel.  Christ is God!  Christ is Allah!  Jesus was just a man:  for a little while.  Oh, how the Qur’an and the Bible teach this:  over, and over, again.

To all atheists and agnostics . . .

This most ancient of Scriptures (as explained in the edition below) is, finally, THAT SCRIPTURE (and the explanation) you have been waiting for!  You rely upon science (and facts) to prove the existence of God?  Well, to any person who truly can accept science (and facts!), this is what you have been waiting for.  A simple Truth!  No religious vanities, no religious practices, no churchly matters:  just the simple Truth that mankind has always been expected to find.  This “book” was found deep inside caves near the Dead Sea (by two Muslim children, believe it or not, who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls) and has been scientifically proved to predate all New Testament Scriptures.  This edition will prove that Enoch witnessed John (the New Testament Apostle, of Christ) standing in Heaven, as he learned the Book of Revelation!  This edition will show that this same John probably spoke to Enoch (while in Heaven):  as the Book of Revelation was being written!  Both books mentioning this same meeting:  and these two books being written some 3,000 years apart.  What more have you been waiting for?

To all atheists and agnostics . . . think about this!

This author is offering you, below, the opportunity to study a man who lived with Adam speaking to a man who lived with Christ; discussing the “same event” in heaven!  With today’s science “proving” the age of both of these men and both of their writings!  Our best download, below, is this good!

And all this author is asking from you . . . is a few hours of reading time, for a couple of evenings.  No money.  Just a bit of your time.  The download is free.  And everything is anonymous here.

Atheists and Agnostics:  reject what you will, because this has always been your right.  But accept what you must, because your conscience teaches you that accepting the truths of this world has, eternally, been the duty of every person who ever drew a breath.

Is it any wonder . . . that you have, before you now, a Scripture from 5,000 years ago:  teaching about the Book of Revelation being written just 2,000 years ago?  (This magnificent Truth predating “every religion” that exists today?)  With both of these Scriptures teaching of many truths regarding life today!  So, I ask you again:  what more have you been waiting for?  This “first” Scripture for mankind, presented below, predates every “religion” that ever existed.  This Scripture is “that good.”  It applies to all of mankind, regardless of any (or no) beliefs.


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